• Facebook Usage Statistics

    Social Landscape for Business 2014

    Social Landscape for Business 2014: Author: Brendan Smith There has never been a more important time to be aware of social media statistics than now. It has been well documented that users are shifting to mobile, but how are the demographics matching up in each platform? Well Google + still hasn’t...
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  • Remove Gmail from Google plus profile step 5

    Remove Gmail from Google + Business Account

    This is a rant and subsequent fix for removing Gmail from your Google sign-in. In my attempts to take over the world, I’ve become bitter and twisted due to a mistake (I still don’t know how I did it) I made in signing into ‘One Account, All of Google’.  I have a Google + per...
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  • Exclude locations in Adwords

    How to Prevent Competitors or Staff from Clicking on Your Paid Advertising Adverts

    How to Prevent Competitors or Staff from Clicking on Your Paid Advertising Adverts: This blog is inspired by comments posted on my BMSEO Consulting Facebook page yesterday. Firstly, thanks for the ‘click, click, click’ comment, but it made me think, if this was one of my clients, how would I pro...
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  • Apple Maps Business Screenshots

    Screenshot Instructions to Get Your Business Listed on Apple Maps

    Author: Brendan Smith Step by Step screenshots of how to update or add your business listing to Apple Maps. It only takes a couple of minutes to do....
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  • Google Maps Business Listing

    How to Get Your Apple Maps Business Listed

    As promised, please find below step by step information on how to get your business listed on the new Apple Maps. If you think this doesn’t apply to your business, you’re clouded. I’ve just updated to the iOS6 so I’m all in for Apple Maps now regardless of the poor press they...
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  • duplicate content listing

    SEO Consultant: Dodging a Bullet on Tuesday evening

    On Tuesday 11th September evening, I was on SEO Consultant duties.  I met a potential new client to discuss his business start up. I had a brief indication of the niche he was going into through a dialogue of emails leading up to it. The meeting itself was very productive, he’s a very motivated g...
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  • Google v Apple: The mapping tussle begins

    We have become accustomed to using Google Maps on most platforms since the growth of mobile phones. I have an iphone 4s and use it for multiple areas of navigating from A to B, but also to find local restaurants, hair salons and petrol stations. Apple have been using Google Maps on all their iphone ...
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  • Report

    Do the main Search Engines Even look at Meta Keywords?

      Do the main Search Engines Even look at Meta Keywords?   I was asked by a client recently about whether it was important to add meta keywords to web-pages. My knee jerk reaction would be yes of course, they may not have any weighting for SEO purposes anymore but it would be deemed best [...
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  • rankingd

    SEO Monitoring and Review: Sets of KPI’s

    KPI’s: Key Performance Indicators. (clear your cache, sign out of any Google + account to neutralize results) I had a strategy to rank at number 1 in the search engines (I should as it’s my job as an SEO Consultant) for certain targeted keywords. I’ve attached the current standings...
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  • Meta Tagging Image

    SEO Meta Tagging: Guide to Writing Search Engine Friendly Meta Information

    SEO Meta Tagging: Guide to Writing Search Engine Friendly Meta Information   Are you telling the search engines what your site is about? Meta data is the language used to tell the search engine exactly what your site is about. This is one part of getting your website to rank for certain keyword...
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Learning Centre Videos Update

There are two ways of justifying decisions in SEO. No one can tell you otherwise. Either through testing out strategies to see what works, or through Google themselves. So what better way to learn about SEO than from Matt Cutts, an engineer at the Quality Group in Google. Please find an extensive array of Search Engine starter videos to explain all.

Mutual Trust With Google:

How does Google Work? Watch the ‘Bible’ here


How does Google discover your site? Crawling. Watch the video here


How to make your site more Google Friendly? More accessible. Watch the video here


How does Google rank your site? Relevance and Importance. Watch the video here


Have you ever thought that advertising on TV would be out of your reach? Well think again. Google TV is upon us.

New Website under construction

Stay tuned for an array of services in Onine and Mobile Marketing.


A members area is also being developed for the Mentoring Program where people can sign up to receive a full list of reputable videos on how to carryout SEO for themselves or to become SEO Consultants of the future.



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