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Off Page SEO is a major factor towards getting recognised as the most relevant website for a specific keyword search term. Building an off-page SEO presence is building a reputation for the site which will create visitors through other avenues, by marketing your website, skills, services and products but also the ability to stay ahead of the game as each day the internet evolves. Google made 500 changes to their search algorithm last year alone.

For instance the boom in mobile applications and their subsequent advertising platform, which when reviewed against the website boom, is happening now, whereas 5 years ago everyone was trying to get a website online.

Off page SEO quite simply HAS to follow On-Page SEO. You wouldn’t pump up a wheel inner tube before the tyre was on!

BMSEO-Consulting offer you Off Page SEO which can then be tailored to suit each respective market or need.

This part of the SEO process needs to be continuous and steadily applied and will not be achieved by adding 10,000 page rank 9 links with a mountain of Press Releases. This is where the Online strategy is essential.


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