On-Page SEO

So what exactly is SEO?

Search Engine optimisation is a strategy for driving more traffic to your website by making it more Search Engine Friendly to appear on top of the search engines – in the organic search results.

This is where the search engine shows your website high up in the results for a specific keyword term someone has entered into the search bar. So understanding your potential clients is the first step. What keywords you wish to rank for is the foundations of any online business and SEO strategy.

The search engines aim is to give the user the most relevant search results. So SEO is the method of making a website more highly related to a keyword search in the search engines eyes. Phew!!


On-Page SEO:

On Page SEO is all work associated with making the actual website more search engines friendly for the specific keywords. But there is a fine line, too much “keywording” in content takes away from the whole experience of customers landing on the site. They are less likely to convert. So an equilibrium between having an innovative professional looking website with correct code, but also some useful content related to your core business is key to a successful SEO strategy.

There are many parts to On-Page SEO, but the four main areas that have a significant effect are:

1. Meta Title, Description and keywords

2. H1 Title, H2 heading

3. Image alt text attribute, video xml sitemap.

4. Content

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