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Google v Apple: The mapping tussle begins

We have become accustomed to using Google Maps on most platforms since the growth of mobile phones. I have an iphone 4s and use it for multiple areas of navigating from A to B, but also to find local restaurants, hair salons and petrol stations.

Apple have been using Google Maps on all their iphone and ipad versions since they were released. What is due to change however with the introduction of iOS6 update is the addition of Apples own mapping service which has been produced in partnership with Tom Tom and 3 start-up companies acquired from 2009.

Where I would say that Google are doing everything in their power to make Google + successful in a social media sense, by integrating certain SEO valued benefits using the google+ business pages and ‘zagat’ local scores, it puts more pressure on businesses to adopt and use.

This change by Apple sees a large degree of separation from Google and their ability to dominate maps and subsequent advertising. Google Maps will still be available on the iphone through browsers or an app, but its market share of use will be dented by the iOS6 update.

So what are the benefits we should hope for in the Apple Mapping service?

–          Ability to zoom in and out without the map needing to buffer and reload.

–          A flyover facility, which will give users the chance to view a city from a 3-D perspective from a birds eye view.

–          Spoken directions as you move. (surely TomTom influence)

But it is suggested the streetview tool available in Google Maps will not be available in iOS6. All in all, some people welcome change, some find it hard to transfer over to something new.

From a search business perspective, people will wonder whether all the effort made for Google Local (Places) will continue to benefit business into the future if Apple have taken a portion of the mapping service. The answer in the short term is definitely yes. Apple might have struck to blow to Google with this update, but they still have Android and the biggest search engine to fall back on.

When I’ve managed to update to iOS6, I’ll add some tips and tricks on how best to present a local business on the Apple Maps.

Author: Brendan Smith

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