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Remove Gmail from Google + Business Account

This is a rant and subsequent fix for removing Gmail from your Google sign-in. In my attempts to take over the world, I’ve become bitter and twisted due to a mistake (I still don’t know how I did it) I made in signing into ‘One Account, All of Google’. 

I have a Google + personal and business profile and run communities for a few clients. I had no Gmail account associated with the account which represents me in business. It’s something I want to keep separate from a personal profile for standard reasons.

So I setup a Gmail for a client that wanted the full works, Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Adwords setup under one umbrella. Whilst using this email address, I signed into ‘One Account, All of Google’. The clients Gmail account automatically became the Primary email address for my business profile! When you go into the settings, you can’t edit the email to change the primary, or remove the Gmail address from the account. The panic was setting in at this point.

A few long tail searches for the answer didn’t help out, the support area with Google didn’t help out (I subsequently left a ‘not helpful at all’ review on Google’s support area). But to finish a story on a positive note, I did figure it out, it is simple but wasn’t obvious to a panic stricken tunnel visioned me!! Step by step Gmail removal from ‘One Account, All of Google’ below.

Here is the link to remove Gmail from your Google Plus account

Remove Gmail from Google plus profile step 1

Remove Gmail from Google plus profile 2

Remove Gmail from Google plus profile step 3

Remove Gmail from Google plus profile step 4

Remove Gmail from Google plus profile step 5

Author: Brendan Smith

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