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Corporate Video Introductions

This weeks blog is about creating a professional looking branded video introduction on a budget. Now some of you might not believe the price I paid to get these videos made, I will reveal all. With websites like videohive selling ready made CS4 and CS5 files, someone with a basic level of Adobe Special Effects knowledge will be able to edit and brand the video file. For those of you that don’t have access to this software, there are cheaper versions which can be accessed on platforms like fiverr. These can then be used in Camtasia with a transition to introduce whichever topic you may be promoting or teaching. So to show you a little of what can be achieved with a small budget, I give you three contrasting videos which respectively cost $5 each and were made in under 5 days.

  • Great for branding all company videos that are uploaded.
  • Great for introducing modules in online courses.
  • Perfect opportunity to create an intended first impression.
  • Works with green screen video courses.
  • CS4/CS5 files can be re-used with different wording to introduce all manner of videos under one company video umbrella.

I had the pleasure of creating a tv channel last year for British Taekwondo South through Real World Taekwondo. This amassed 60,000 views in 8 months. A CPC for a Taekwondo related keyword is around the £0.50 mark in Google Adwords. This can be considered £30,000 worth of advertising for free. The power of video marketing will live on longer than a Google Adwords advertising budget!

Here are three tasters I did for my business as tests for creating a video introduction:

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