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Is Pinterest Right For Your Business?

So what is all the hoo-ha about Pinterest? Is this just something that digital marketing companies are covering in a bid to be able to upsell pinterest marketing packages? If you want to know how it works and whether it’s relevant to your business, read on….
It’s one of the fastest expanding social media platforms out there. There are 50,000 exact searches for Pinterest in the UK alone per month. The more established websites (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Stumbleupon) far exceed that amount at the moment, but then they should as they have been around far longer. Pinterest was established in 2010.
Pinterest is essentially an online pinboard to store your favourite images. It’s growth is exponentially rapid. Sources say it’s driving more traffic to business’ than Google +, YouTube and LinkedIn.
So the idea is to share images of worth, pin them and share them with your followers.
1. Being too self absorbed or too promotional will not work. People are marketed too everyday
2. Business’ whose services cannot be encapsulated in an image will struggle to get a message across on this platform.

How do you know if Pinterest is right for you and your business? There is no scientific answer, my suggestion is to give it a go now before it becomes more saturated. Websites come in and out of trends. It wasn’t that long ago that friends re-united was the best thing since sliced bread, then everyone had to have a MySpace page. Strangely enough since MySpace has been re-launched, they are getting a huge amount of signups, but with a more music niche perspective.
How do you start?
So sign up and start pinning things that are related to your business. Generate a font of useful credible pins related to your business without committing the cardinal sin of selling your marketing soul to self promote.
If you were to come up with a Pinterest strategy what would it be?
1. What do people search for in your niche? (If you don’t know, speak to me to get a keyword research report done as for any online business you need to understand your customers searches and what to rank for in the search engines).
2. What image, photo, graphic will engage people enough to re-pin and share it to potentially go viral?
3. Would celebrity involvement work?
4. Comical, funnies, charity, heart warming, controversial, success, latest releases are all engaging topics that people would be willing to share.
5. Fashion and trends are perfect examples of images that would be re-pinned.
Example: Rachel buys some new going out shoes from Retail Outlet A, so she pins up an image of them to show her friends. Allowing images from an ecommerce website to be pinned from within the website will be the next addition to retail websites.
6. Start off by contributing to other boards and generating a list of followers.
7. Only once you have a foundation do you create your own product board, or pin special offers on a deals board. Add a price and link to your site in the images so they any leads through Pinterest can be tracked in your respective analytics package.
8. Competition: have a freebie for whoever shares your pin the most etc…
Up up pin away!!! Pun intended.

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